Bone Fish

Bone Fishing

Bonefishing brings together skill, finesse and stealth like no other form of fishing. There’s no half-million dollars of boat under you, no big winch of a reel and thick rod. Instead, you’re either wading on foot or balancing on the casting deck of a small boat designed for “skinny” water. Your equipped with good sunglasses, a wisp of a rod and a lure about the size and weight of a… well, a fly.

Spear Fishing

If traditional fishing or bone fishing is not your thing you can try also spear fishing. Spear fishing combines both diving and hunting together.Its an experience that anybody will never forget.

Spear Fishing
Sport fishing

Sport Fiahing

All that’s needed is a boat and basic fishing equipment and its guarantee anybody could catch the biggest fish in their life. In the Bahamas especially Mayaguana, some of the biggest and exotic fish thrives our emerald green and turquoise sea. Just be prepared to catch fish that exceeds 5ft.